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We deliver genuinely sustainable sales and marketing improvements that regularly generate growth in excess of 25%.

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Sales Blueprint is trusted by over 50% of the UK's mid-market private equity firms

Sales Blueprint is trusted by over 50% of the UK's mid-market private equity firms with a proven track record

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  • Typical sales growth 25% in year one
  • Trust us we have succeeded in all business sectors

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  • We love what we do, we know you will too.
  • Real world advice based on your people, in your business, with your customers
  • You'll notice a difference from day one

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  • Rare breadth of knowledge gives you an edge on both fronts
  • Sell more through a genuinely 'joined up' customer approach


Why does Sales Blueprint exist?

What practical steps can Sales Blueprint implement to grow your sales line?

Why all the PE houses don't use you is beyond me.
We have just received the most useful DD report we've had all year.
I am delighted to say that, at the end of our fiscal year, our top line growth has been in excess of £8m
Our work with Sales Blueprint has been a tremendous investment, with tangible and significant returns.
We now have a terrific model which I am confident will generate some truly amazing results.
The improvement clearly correlates with the Sales Blueprint consultancy work.
Sales Blueprint is a critical advisory partner of ours in the early stage assessment, and subsequent improvement, of the sales and marketing capabilities of our portfolio.
Sales Blueprint's particular strengths were in with working with existing management and winning their trust and support for the changes we made.
You know we are delighted which is why we are sending so much work your way!
Don’t worry….its always a pleasure to talk about you at length!
Whilst I wouldn’t normally want to share the details of someone such as you, whose input into our portfolio we really value, with a competitor, I made an exception in this case.
We have worked with Sales blueprint on a number of our portfolio investments over the past couple of years and found their approach to be practical and highly effective.
I think we should get any key sales position interviewed by you before making the appointment. It will help us avoid a lot of mistakes and waste precious time for our investees!
I would recommend their highly proficient role play scenarios to help sniff out the really effective sales professionals.
The growth year on year has been over 26%, for each year since you started working with us!
Hiring the wrong person would have put our growth plan back 12 months or more - I'm so glad you helped us avoid that trap.
Firstly thank you again for the input you have had to date on improving our sales development approach. We have found it extremely beneficial and I strongly believe that this intervention will have a very positive effects on us achieving our sales ambitions.
July £1.40 million v £1.04m last year and we have hit the £2m mark for August!!
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